About us

Our small team consists of experts in field of forestry, Urban Forestry and Arboriculture. The best confirmation about us and our expertise is seen through our contribution to various scientific and expert conferences that you can see below. Our area of expertise is focused in improving the arboricultural practice and various aspects of management of urban trees and green infrastructure.
From April 2016 we have decided to fully commit our resources in order to share our expertise and knowledge with you.

Contact us if you want to fully exploit the potential of your green infrastructure and make your living space green and sustainable.

Find more information about us and our work below or follow the link to see what media has to say about us.

Fran Poštenjak, MSc Arboriculture and Urban Forestry, cert. European Tree Worker (ETW), Ancient and Veteran trees management - course trainer

Dr. sc. Karmelo Poštenjak, dipl.ing. šumarstva

Selection of presentation on international conferences

  • World Congress (IUFRO)- International union of forest research organization: Ljubljana 1986, Montreal 1990, Tampere 1995, Salt Lake City 2014
  • World Congress (IUFC)- International Urban Forestry congress (UBC, ISA Arb. NW ch.)- Vancouver 2018
  • Work group congress (IUFRO): Berlin 1992, Freiburg 1995, Teisendorf 1999, Zagreb 2000, Gegenbach 2002, Helsinki 2003, Zagreb 2012
  • World Congress (ISTA)- International seed testing association: Angres 2001, Prag 2003, Antalya 2013, Edinbourgh 2014
  • Trees people and built environment II i III (ICF): Birmingham 2014, Birmingham 2017
  • European Urban Green Infrastructure Congress (EUGIC): Budapest 2017
  • Natural resources, green technology and sustainable development (HŠI): Zagreb 2014, Zagreb 2016

Arboring Mission and Vision

Arboring sLTD is founded in 2016 with an unique goal to improve tree care and green infrastructure management in urban and periurban areas. Our activities are focused on consulting managers of individual valuable trees and population of trees so they can focus their resources to fully exploit ecological, economic and social benefits. This is the only way to sustainably develop and manage your Urban Green Infrastructure.

Within our activities we always want to enhance sustainability, resilience and effectiveness in management of Urban Green Infrastructure. Restoring and sustaining optimal ecological and biological relationships within the managed population are means that we use to ensure the sustainability of population while keeping a keen eye on biodiversity conservation.

Tree care and management is a complex and delicate process that needs to be carefully executed by specially educated and experienced team of people. This is necessary because of evident changes in environment and need to incorporate safety and biodiversity sustainability the tree traits that are in direct collision. Because of specific relationships in ecosystem and overall great resilience of trees negative effects of poorly executed tree care and management can be visible but with more or less pronounced time lag and , unfortunately, they are more and more visible and more pronounced.

With our activities related to expert and scientific works we are identifying the problems in the environment in order to prevent the future escalation of negative effects in urban environment and regarding Ancient and Veteran trees.

If you don’t want to leave the management and care for your green infrastructure to chance feel free to talk to us. Healthy, resilient, sustainable and quality Green Infrastructure are our vision of future world and they are also the key factor in preserving the life on the plant as we know it.