Arboring Arboriculture services are targeted to inspect the relationship between arboricultural elements- trees and shrubs, and cohabitating organisms. With detailed analysis we are developing management plans for individual trees based on individual cases and needs. If you would like to grant us the opportunity to help you manage your arboricultural elements we would be very happy to accept any challenges to make your trees and shrubs resilient and log lasting.

Visual tree assessment is based on various methods and assessments that are employed on individual tree basis. Some of the methods that we are using in diagnostic process are: sonic tomography, pulling tests and others.

The main goal of this diagnostic process is to gather enough data so we can develop management plan and ensure safety against tree collapse and tree longevity.

By employing methods to assess the physiological state of tree we are seeking to find negative influences that induce physiological problems within the tree. If possible by eliminating the negative influences in environment we improve the overall physiological state of individual trees. With necessary actions we and relive the tree of the negative symptoms and improve its longevity.

Stand of the tree plays a very important role in overall performance of urban trees. By careful analysis and assessment of major stand preferences it is possible to determine negative influences on individual tree. Amelioration of negative influences makes stand more sustaining for the tree and trees are more resistant to other negative influences.

Transplantaion of big trees require a lot of careful planning and inspection. Preparation of both the tree and future planting site gives more chance for the transplantation process to be successful.

We are very happy to offer you real time assistance regarding your arboricultural projects and guide you through the processes of tree care, planting and establishment. It is crucial that works in arboriculture are done correctly because mitigating mistakes can prove to be very costly. (According to the research tree mortality with badly planted trees was recorded up to 25%.)