We will be very happy to share our experience with you trough interactive workshops. Also we will be very happy to discuss with you your observations.

For you we are happy to provide workshops about:

Ancient and Veteran trees:

  • What are Ancient and Veteran trees and what is their role in environment?
  • How to distinguish them in environment and how to evaluate their specific benefits?
  • Challenges in mamangement of Ancient and Veteran trees
  • Ancient and Veteran trees stand in context of biodiversity sustainability

Tree care education:

  • Tree pruning according to EAC pruning handbook
  • Tree crown anchoring and bracing systems with detailed assessment of each method
  • Tree planting and establishment care

Tree management:

  • SMART system for management urban green infrastructure
  • Specifying urban green infrastructure works
  • Planting material and methods evaluation, selection and execution

Also we are very happy to discuss your needs and develop workshops and training that will solve your unique challenges and problems.

Upon request we are eager to make in depth analysis of your organizational units and green infrastructure and develop strategic development plans for sustainable urban greenery management in order for you to gain maximal benefits from your Urban Green Infrastructure.