Planting material distribution

We are pleased to announce that we are general distributor of one of the best European nurseries ARBOR NV/SA. Arbor has more than 520 Ha of production area and it produces the highest quality planting material according to European Nurserystock Association standard (ENA, 2002).

ARBOR nurseries are specialized in production of planting material average standard (Std 16 – 30 cm) heavy standard (Std 30 – 50 cm) and very heavy standard (Std 50 cm and thicker). Planting stock is under constant rigorous phytosanitary inspection in order to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases and spread to the consumers. This greatly influence the possibility of spreading the invasive and other tree related pests and diseases.

Planting material container plants

Conifer, deciduous species and special forms

Planting material filed grown