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Global ecological changes have more pronounced influence on the Green Infrastructure. These changes are especially enhanced in anthropologically influenced and built environment. Trees as the longest living green infrastructure organisms are the most sensitive and they require professional management.

We are consulting our clients with regards for specific and recent scientific and expert advancements in order to maximize the benefits that their Green Infrastructure is providing to their environment

Visual tree inspection and producing expert documentation related to tree risk management:

Kindergarten “Radost”, Jastrebarsko
City of Pula
City of Virovitica
City of Vrbovsko
City of Jastrebarsko
Municipality of Križ
Municipality of sv. Filip i Jakov
Javna ustanova PP Vransko jezero
HKD Napredak, podružnica sv. Filip i Jakov, Camp Đardin
HRVATSKE ŠUME d.o.o., UŠP Zagreb, RJ Hortikultura
ARBOR NV/SA, Belgija
Tržnice Pula d.o.o.

Arboricultural assessment and development of tree risk management and fire wise tree management plan

Jadranski naftovod d.d., Zagreb

Visual tree assessment and individual tree management plan developemnt

Javna ustanova Nacionalni park Mljet
City of Virovitica

Visual tree assessment and management of tree population adjacent to historical heritage objects

KAMGRAD OBJEKTI d.o.o., Park adjacent to castle Miljana, Poljana Sutlanska
City of Virovitica

Selection and acquiring of planting material:

HRVATSKE ŠUME d.o.o., UŠP Zagreb, RJ Hortikultura
City of Virovitica
Flora VTC d.o.o., Virovitica

Tree care in parks with conservation protection

HRVATSKE ŠUME d.o.o., UŠP Zagreb, RJ Hortikultura

Assessment of annual benefits and monetary valuation of arboricltural elements for calculation of compensation estimate for replacement planting f urban green infrastrucutre

Vita PROJEKT d.o.o.

Consulting in writting EU funding projects regarding Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

URBANEX d.o.o.

Urban Forestry and Arboriculture related education:

Flora VTC d.o.o., Virovitica- tree pruning
Flora VTC d.o.o., Virovitica- formation of specific habitats on veteran trees

Supervision of works related to Urban Forestry and Arboriculture:

KAMGRAD OBJEKTI d.o.o., Park adjacent to castle Miljana, Poljana Sutlanska
Flora VTC d.o.o., Virovitica

Visual tree assessment, development of arboricultural elements management documentation, planting material selection and acquisition:

Private clients