Our service are divided into five major categories: Arboricultre, Urban Forestry, consulting and acquisition of planting material, consulting and acquisition of planting systems for urban trees and Education.

By using the most appropriate tools and methods and most recent scientific research we are able to assist you in most complex situations and circumstances. Together with our client we are searching for most suitable solutions and we closely monitor the advancement of the projects until set objectives are entirely fulfilled.

We kindly invite you to browse through our web page to familiarize with services regarding management of urban trees and other green infrastructure as well as their surroundings that we provide, after all we are the first choice of your trees.


Arboriculture is professional and scientific discipline that focuses on individual arboricultural element whether it is a tree or a shrub. It analyzes it in detail and gives us answers on mutual relationship between it and its closest biotic and abiotic environment.

We would feel privileged if you would like us to assist you in assessing your arboricultural elements and its environment so they can continue to enrich your estates. We would be very happy to take on any challenges that might occur and help you manage your belongings​.

Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry, as scientific and professional discipline, changes its focus from individual arboricultural elements to populations of urban trees and other green infrastructure elements. It monitors the mutual relationships between various stakeholders and space occupants in urban environment. Its primary goal is to identify, trough the perspective of Urban Green Infrastructure, positive and negative influence between stated groups of people, cohabitating organisms and other influential elements of broader environment.

We are delighted to offer our specialized expertise and knowledge so you and develop resilient, sustainable and beautiful urban forests and Urban Green Infrastructure.

Planting material

We are pleased to announce that we are general distributor of one of the best European nurseries ARBOR NV/SA. Arbor has more than 520 Ha of production area and it produces the highest quality planting material according to European Nurserystock Association standard (ENA, 2002).

ARBOR nurseries are specialized in production of planting material average standard (Std 16 – 30 cm) heavy standard (Std 30 – 50 cm) and very heavy standard (Std 50 cm and thicker). Planting stock is under constant rigorous phytosanitary inspection in order to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases and spread to the consumers. This greatly influence and minimizes the possibility of spreading the invasive and other arboricultural elements related pests and diseases.

Urban trees planting systems

Arboring is distributor for specialized products made by GreenBlue Urban LTD. GreenBlue Urban is the world leading company in innovating solutions and producing equipment for urban tree planting. By using these specialized solutions, in appropriate places, you are actively contributing to sustainable Urban Green Infrastructures development.

Engineering innovative solutions ranging from sustainable growth of urban trees, protection of underground urban infrastructure to storm water management means that GrenBlue Urban products provide many direct benefits as well as secondary benefits. This is making them not only the perfect long term investment but also a big step towards sustainable urban infrastructure management.


We are very happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. For this occasion we have made focused educational workshops that serve us to provide you with crucial information needed for sustainable management of Urban Green Infrastructure and ancient trees management.

In our interactive workshops we are tutoring but also engaging you into conversation and related activities in order to stimulate the information absorption and also exchange of site specific information.

We are also eager to hear your specific needs and cases and we are willing to tackle them with customized education developed to enhance the performance of your staff, your urban greenery populations and your ancient trees.