Urban Forestry

Arboring Urban forestry services are changing focus from individual arboricultural elements to large proportion population and their interaction with environment and other population that dwell on the space of interest. We are very pleased to share and out our expertise and specific knowledge to work so your populations of Urban Green Infrastructure can be more efficient, resilient and sustainable

Tree cadaster is a handy management tool to actively monitor information and data regarding your urban greenery. It is used for planning works and display geospatial information. We are happy to offer you our services so you can form your own urban greenery inventory.

In case that you need visual tree assessment we have highly educated professional personnel that are capable of gathering all relevant information that you may need. If you require we can offer you visual assessments up to 150 parameters per tree and associated calculations in order to have a clear picture of your tree population.

Ifyou want to manage your greenery without stress we are very happy to provide you the quality products suited for your needs.

Urban green infrastructure management plans are strategic documentation specifically drafted for each city to include and enhance development of urban greenery and support the effort of sustainable urban development.

Drafting urban greenery management plans contains complex set of analysis that need to be conducted within sets of multidisciplinary experts. Main urban green infrastructure management strategy development goals are to attain sustainability resilience and efficiency of urban green infrastructure. By doing this you are actively reducing costs of management and planning in urban green infrastructure.

We are pleased to support your efforts for going into direction of sustainable urban development.

Trees are among few elements of urban infrastructure that, if placed and managed properly, increase their value over time.

If you want to know the value of your trees or you need a value estimation for damage compensation we can help you by employing various methods for tree valuation.

Tree risk management strategy is employed to ensure the safety for valuable assets and insure regular monitoring of greenery. Along with reduction of tree related risk it ensures rationalization and reduction of funding necessary for tree assessment.